raees 2nd day box office collection
raees 2nd day box office collection

Raees 2nd Day Box Office Collection : 1st Day Total Collection

Raees 2nd Day Box Office Collection :- Released on 25th January 2017, Raees has taken Bollywood like a storm. Although it is a weekday the movie is successfully attracting viewers who were eagerly waiting for the release of the SRK starrer and have probably taken leave from colleges and offices for the same. And as always the movie is getting a positive response from almost all the viewers but not from the critics.

Shah Rukh Khan who is a superstar in his own thinking and way has yet again forget that the era of Masala movies is long gone. If you want to succeed in today’s time you have to experiment like everybody else in Bollywood, create movies like Pink and Dangal. And as a popular and one of the senior actors in Bollywood it is also his responsibility to take on the Baton.

raees 2nd day box office collection
raees 2nd day box office collection

The best thing about the movie is, yet again, Nawazuddin Siddqui and Shah Rukh Khan is as bland as ever. There is criminal running liquor business in alcohol free state of Gujrat, but there are no enemies shown, no details of how that business is being run is given, and he gets to beat people 10 at a time. Like Seriously? You compete with the other actors with the same lame script?

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Maahira Khan as a critic said is expressionless personified. The movie is torn and confused between showing Raees as Robin Hood or Godfather and fails miserably in achieving both the representations. And there are a whole lot of songs for a gangster movie. We seriously are waiting to get the SRK who made Swades and Chak De India back.

Still the movie is going to be a success on the box office with the kind of reaction it is getting from the audience. The first day box office collection of Raees was 35 Crore and the Raees second day box office collection can easily be 32 crore.

Raees Box Office Collection

Raees 1st Day Box Office Collection – 35 Crore

Raees 2nd Day Box Office Collection – 35-45 Crore (Perdicts)


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