Phillauri 2nd Day Collection
Phillauri 2nd Day Collection

Phillauri 2nd Day Collection | Total Box office Income

Phillauri 2nd day collection | Second Day Phillauri Income : This week Anushka Sharma and Diljeet’s movie Phillauri has hit the screens. Ever since the trailer was released, a craze about the concept of the movie could be seen among bollywood celebs and fans of both the stars. The buzz about the movie is definitely positive. Considering Diljeet’s popularity in Punjab, it is expected that the movie will do a good business in the state.

Conceptually, Phillauri is a winner and that much was evident from the trailer. You will get what you see in the trailer. The amusing one-line plot develops into a two-and-a-half hour film.

Suraj plays his part of a confused-aimless bride groom and lightens the mood. Meherene Pirzada is the helpless bride , who has no idea what  to do about her fiancé’s disinterest in the wedding. The film has it amusing parts but moves at a slow pace at times.  Diljit Dosanjh brings his goodness as a  singer in Phillaur from the pre-independence era. The film transitions seamlessly between both the love stories, placed in different eras. Songs like Dum Dum, Sahiba are soft on the ears  and are perfectly placed in the film and help take the narrative ahead.

Phillauri 2nd Day Collection
Phillauri 2nd Day Collection

Anushka Sharma hosted a special screening of her film where Bollywood celebs Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, Badshah, Rekha, Imtiaz Ali, Rajkumar Hirani and many others were spotted.

Late on Wednesday night Shah Rukh Khan shared his views on the movie “Phillauri the attempt at doing wot u believe in. @AnushkaSharma @diljitdosanjh #anshai #karnesh keep believing in the impossible.”

Phillauri Box Office Collection

Alia Bhatt tweeted “#Phillauri is such a lovely unique film!!!With such honest performances from the whole cast!!!! @AnushkaSharma you are such an inspiration❤️”

And several other tweets could be seen post the screening of the movie.

The Fox Star has announced that the movie has already earned INR 12 Crore through the satellite and the music before its release. Now, it will not be a big task for the movie to recover the remaining cost of production. So, we can say that Phillauri is a profitable venture for the producers as well as all the stakeholders.

Phillauri 2nd Day Collection

The movie is released on 1200 screens pan India. Considering appeal of the movie, Phillauri would earn approximately  INR  5 Crore  on the second day of it’s opening.Phillauri 2nd Day Collection Crosses 10 Crore While Biggest Hit of first Weekend Total Box Office Income its Increase More on Sunday.



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