Naam Shabana 2nd Day Collection
Naam Shabana 2nd Day Collection

Naam Shabana 2nd Day Collection

Naam Shabana 2nd Day Collection :-Naam Shabana, starring Taapsee Pannu in the lead role, has hit the theaters this Friday. The movie is a spin-off of the 2015 hit Baby. The story of the movie reveals how Shabana was inducted as a secret agent.  Shabana the angry young woman with special Kudo skills, can’t just be tough for the sake of it. She must have a painful-back-story. So here it goes:

Grown up with the fears of her alcoholic father, who abused her mother. She has spent time in a juvenile correction facility for accidentally killing her father. Instead of allowing this to spoil her future, Shabana moulds herself in a rough and tough girl. Shabana (Taapsee) is a second year B.Com student who lives with her widowed mother busy in her Kudo training. Her classmate Jai (played by Taher Mithaiwala) is secretly in love with her, but as she initially is not driven by his love, he is only stuck riding with her back-and-forth from college. When she finally responds to him and feels the same emotions for him the tragedy happens. Their yet-to-bloom romance is cut short when they are followed by some eve-teasers on their way home.

Naam Shabana 2nd Day Collection
Naam Shabana 2nd Day Collection

This event turns out to be the life changing event for Shabana and makes way for the lethal spy character in her. When asked by Shabana why she has been chosen out of coroes of people, Manoj Bajpayee tells her,”Females are born with an extra strain in their DNA. Mardon ko gadgets ki zaroorat padti hai, auratein pre-configured aati hai,”.

The character of antagonist Prithviraj Sukumaran has beenwrtten and portrayed very well in the movie.  A proper justification has been done by Prithviraj. But there seems to be a loophole in the story line as for some reasons best known to the makers, he divulges the key information about himself after years staying under the radar. And it is never quite explained why a rookie like Shabana must take him out, when one of their best, Akshay, just sits and twiddles his thumbs.

Naam Shabana 1st Day Collection

In spite of the loopholes, Naam Shabana gives us some enjoyable moments and the credit for this goes to the director Shivam Nair. Taapsee is the hero of the film. She maintains the right expressions right from the beginning till the end. She has not done anything over the top. and nothing less than required. We can say a proper justification has been done to role by her.

Akshay Kumar has a small role but every time when he comes on the screen, he comes with a full swag. Akshay steals the limelight whenever he is in a scene which signifies his dialogue “itne door se aaya hoon, kuch toh karne do!

One common feeling that everybody is getting after watching the movie is that the first half of Naam Shabana a drag because the trailer had already revealed that part of the story.

The two club songs were not necessarily required with the story line and plot of the movie  and could have been done away with. They come across as disturbance in a film like this. Especially amidst strong comments on counter-terrorism vis-a-vis the socio-political situation. When viewed as a stand-alone film, Shabana has some definite merit. It reminds you how women are no longer helpless when teased by a bunch of drunken louts. They have enough and more in their DNA to give back as good as they get.

While in Baby, the climax is almost nail-biting, Naam Shabana makes it all too easy to get rid of the bad guy. There are no surprise elements in the movie and the climax is easily predictable. If you are going to watch Naam Shabana, do but just make sure that you don’t go in with the expectation of watching a riveting action-thriller like Baby.

Taran Adarsh IHindi movie critic and biz analytic) has posted several tweets about the movie.

taran adarsh ‏ @taran_adarsh tweeted,”#NaamShabana lacks the thrill + nail-biting finale of #Baby. Manoj Bajpayee, Prithviraj are super. Akshay interval point intro fantastic…”

taran adarsh ‏ @taran_adarsh tweeted,”#NaamShabana could’ve been an edge of the seat thriller, but misses the bus… Lack of major releases might help at BO.”

taran adarsh ‏ @taran_adarsh tweeted,”Taapsee is terrific in #NaamShabana… But the film lacks the bite and punch of #Baby. Engaging in parts only… Writing plays spoilsport…”

Naam Shabana Review by Celebs:

Elli AvrRam @ElliAvrRam tweeted,”Watch #NaamShabana tomorrow! @taapsee is so so good❤ Girl power👊🏼. Loved being a part of this film!”

Nora Fatehi @Norafatehi tweeted,”#Naamshabana is a film that CANT be missed @taapsee makes u feel fierce savage & sexy as she slayyss in her movie! Its a MUST WATCH!”

Based on the reviews by fans and the critics, the Second Day Box Office Collection of the movie is expected to be somewhere between 5-7 crore. Stay tuned for the Third Day Box Office Collection, Total Box office Collection of the movie.

Naam Shabana 2nd Day Collection

I am sharing Naam Shabana 2nd day box office collection or 1st Saturday earning report.Movie Crosses 5.10 Crore on its First Day Box Office Collection and expecting More on this Weekend Collection Stay Tuned for Naam Shabana 2nd Day Box Office Collection.


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