Kajol Beef
Kajol Beef

Kajol’s Beef Party video went viral  

A few days ago a video went viral on the internet and you would be shocked to know what it was about. The 45 second video of shared by Kajol on her facebook page grabbed all the attention from news channels to social media as it shows her enjoying being served beef at the party by her friend Ryan. In the video he told her that it was Beef pepper water with dry lentils and dry beef. In the video a white bowl was put on a table on which Ryan pours some liquid thing.  Just after the video was shared  it has created a controversy since beef has already been banned in several states including Maharashtra where she resides and in the past we have seen many controversies and fights cow vigilante groups and others.

Later on Kajol mocked everybody with her post on twitter saying that it was not cow meat but buffalo meat.

The video was later on deleted but there are pictures of it on her Instagram account.


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